My name is Trent Miller. I am the owner and mastering engineer here at mcphable mastering. I have a soft spot for independent artists and my skillset leans a little more toward pop and electronic genres. That said, I love working with all types of artists and in all genres.

A little bit of my background: I earned a Bachelor's Degree in Jazz Studies, a Master's Degree in Business Administration, and was the winner of Vintage King's 2019 Spring Mix Contest - Electronic Genre.

My approach to mastering is pretty simple. I focus on how the music feels. I'll get it sounding great and up to competitive levels, no question, but my work isn't finished until I make it feel right.

I'm also semi-OCD about the technical, non-creative aspects of a project. I pride myself on professional communication, simple file transfers, flawless QC, absolute accuracy of deliverables, and a convenient payment process.

I want you to love the experience almost as much as you love my work.


The studio here at mcphable mastering is the result of having worked with some amazing and brilliant people over the last 2 years. In addition to working with a contractor to install a power upgrade and two acousticians to dial in the room for the solid oak Dutch & Dutch 8c monitors, I was able to work closely with four of the most prominent mastering hardware builders. Even though I didn't keep everything I bought, the time spent with the gear, along with the wisdom imparted by these hardware builders, was absolutely priceless!

For instance, I now know exactly what pentode, triode, and solid state circuits can offer to a mix. I know exactly what vibe I'll get when I engage certain transformers. I even know exactly how a track will react unbalanced vs balanced.

Consequently, I also know that each of these things have an associated "cost." Because of that, all of my hardware has been modified to allow me to decide exactly where I want to be sonically. My hands are not tied by hardware that has a "character" baked in. In other words, I can use all of my hardware and either stay transparent or I can engage all the tone and vibe necessary to get the track feeling just right.


To book a mastering session, please email me at trent@mcphablemastering.com or complete the following form. Either way works for me. Thanks!

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