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Trent Miller owns mcphable mastering, LLC in Central Florida.

He has a Bachelor's in Jazz Studies and a Master's in Business Administration. He won the Vintage King 2019 Spring Mix Contest - Electronic Genre and is a certified provider of Apple Digital Masters.

What to expect:

  • Professional communication from start to finish

  • Hybrid signal path with zero compromises

  • Mastering that prioritizes fidelity and the experience of the listener

  • Deliverables that are flawless and on time


The single most important thing to have in any mastering studio is... the absolute certainty that what you're hearing is correct. My room and monitoring is flat from 16Hz to 20kHz with no phase or time alignment issues. With 100% certainty, I can say, "I hear your music correctly."

A close second to accurate monitoring is the signal path. The gear choice, the conversion, the gain staging, the cabling, the power, etc... they all matter! The signal path here at mcphable mastering includes the absolute best hardware and software tools currently available.

Room & Furniture:

  • Power_Dedicated 20A Line

  • Acoustic Treatment_GIK & Vicoustic

  • Desk_Zaor Maestro 24

  • Trophy_World's Best Dad


  • Interface & Conversion_Lynx Hilo

  • Monitors_Dutch & Dutch 8c - Solid Oak

  • Stands_Sound Anchor - Custom

  • Isolation_IsoAcoustics Pucks

  • Headphones_Audeze LCD-X


  • EQ_Terry Audio CEQ - Custom (2 TX options on a switch)

  • Tone Box_Whitestone P331 (2 TX options on a switch)

  • Compressor_Elysia alpha compressor (TX on a switch)

  • Cables_Belden & AudioQuest

  • Power Conditioner_2x 20A Furman

  • Metering_TC Electronic Clarity M

  • Convenience_Elgato Stream Deck


  • DAW_WaveLab Pro 11

  • Processing_MAAT, Weiss, PSP, and iZotope Rx (typically)

  • Hardware Recall_Session Recall

  • DDP Player Maker_HOFA