My name is Trent Miller. I am the owner and mastering engineer here at mcphable mastering.

I definitely do love talking about the gear and the effort that went into treating and tuning the room, running a dedicated power line to it, auditioning every single cable (power, USB, and audio), and of course why every piece of hardware in the signal path was custom made. However, the whole purpose was to create an environment that allows me to hear exactly what's going on in a mix and then have the tools within reach that allow me to make your art "sound like a record" and engage the listener.

For a little more info on how I can help your project, be sure to click the yellow info button. Also, be sure to follow my Instagram page for important updates.


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I am here to master your projects, no surprise, but I am also here as a resource. As an experienced mix engineer and winner of the 2019 Vintage King Spring Mix Contest - Electronic genre, I can provide valuable feedback on your mixes before we move your project to the mastering phase.

As for the actual mastering process, a simple message to start a conversation is all it takes. All the details get worked out while we talk about your project. And satisfaction is always guaranteed.

I'm here. I'm ready.