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My name is Trent Miller. I am the owner and mastering engineer at mcphable mastering. I am here to get your project ready for commercial release and I do my best work in Pop, Electronic, CCM, Jazz, and similar sounding genres. My background includes a Bachelor's in Jazz Studies, a Master's in Business Administration, and winning Vintage King's 2019 Spring Mix Contest - Electronic Genre.

My mastering goals:

  • Feel - getting the right tone, vibe, and level for the genre

  • Focus - helping the listener hear what's important in the mix

  • Repeatability - making the listener want to put your music on repeat

  • Quality Control - retaining maximum fidelity and delivering error-free files


The most important things in any studio are the engineer (1st), the room (2nd), and the monitoring (3rd). I have spent countless hours mastering in this room, with this monitoring. It is flat from 16Hz to 20kHz with no phase or time alignment issues, which means I hear your music correctly.

Room & Furniture:

  • Power_Dedicated 20A Line

  • Acoustic Treatment_GIK & Vicoustic

  • Desk_Zaor Maestro 24

  • Trophy_Greatest Dad


  • Interface & Conversion_Lynx Hilo

  • Monitors_Dutch & Dutch 8c - Solid Oak

  • Stands_Sound Anchor - Custom

  • Isolation_IsoAcoustics Pucks

  • Headphones_Audeze LCD-X


  • EQ_Terry Audio CEQ - Custom (2 TX options on a switch)

  • Tone Box_Whitestone P331 (2 TX options on a switch)

  • Compressor_Elysia Alpha - Arriving December 2021 (TX on a switch)

  • Compressor_FCS P3S ME - Custom (TX on a switch)

  • Cables_Belden & AudioQuest

  • Power Conditioner_2x Furman

  • Metering_TC Electronic Clarity M

  • Convenience_Elgato Stream Deck


  • DAW_WaveLab Pro

  • Processing_Weiss, Sonnox, iZotope, Goodhertz, and FabFilter

  • Recall_Session Recall

  • DDP Player Maker_HOFA